Kunstradio STATION ROSE Jingle 2020

"Der Ausgang dieser Geschichte findet überall statt 2.0"

The lockdown caused by Covid has affected everyone. An extension of the personal living space in the digital one is now open to everyone. In Jingle 2020, STATION ROSE presents the model of social distancing, "Digital Cocooning", which STR has been practicing since 1996. This self-experiment was a very early preoccupation with the "long-distance society" (Peter Weibel). In the jingle, STR directs its attention to the opportunities that develop from it, which not only influence the world, but will change it permanently.

This is the STATION ROSE Jingle 2020

Just to recap :

Take 1:

# Social distance is an experience we made mid-90ies

# (This year) 2020  is monumental

# Something that doesn’t work anymore has to go.

Take 2:

# so much has to change now.
# so much will change now.
# cause it is not working for the people.

Take 3:

# creativity must be paid
# the art and entertainment industry is so huge - and needs a solid basis, a solid funding.
# tourism is deeply connected to art, but when tourism is on hold art is not
# art is never on hold & must be paid
# it needs artists to change the world now.

Take 4:

to be clear here :
#2020 is another run.
#it will never be like before again.
#it will be changed.
#digital life gets so much bigger now in realtime.
#this expansion is not indescribable .
# it needs artists for this change
 # to change the world,
 #at least the artists need the same money as the heads of cultural institution get.
# pay the artist now !
# pay the people

Take 5:

# digital life gets so much bigger now
# it needs artists to change the world,
    and not so much museum directors.

# artists must be paid more or at least the same as the heads of cultural institutions get.

# in order to purchase art - click down below.

Take 6:

Just to recap :
#RL has to be shared
for all of us
lets share wonderful nature
Nature Is Cool
for all of us.

# 2020 is another run
 it will never be like before.
 it will be changed

# art is extremely valuable -

# it works in the dematerialisation process.

Stay with us in Gunafaland !
the further we go the further we get !