Icons, Morphs & Samples (1995)

enhanced CD


Hybrid-Mixed Mode CD & CD-ROM / Mac & Win, 50 minutes of audio.
AMBIENT INTELLIGENT TECHNO: all the hits & 9 new trax, plus 160 MB of STATION ROSE INTERACTIVE ART, all on one disc: Quicktimes of Live-Performances, interviews, animations, morphs and clips, interviews with Terence McKenna and John "Tex" Coate (The WELL), concepts, theories, paint options, and many more ! This is a COMPLETELY ABSTRACT CD-ROM, you check out your own path through the interactive jungle, no verbal clues given. Illiterate advisory recommended - no lyrics.


LABEL: Gunafa/PIAS Germany (Gunafa03/PIASD 2001)



Views of the interactive surfaces (selection)