With the latest jingle composed by the duo STATION ROSE (Elisa Rose & Gary Danner) for KUNSTRADIO, the tradition of producing and documenting artistic events that has existed since 1989 is continued. The "auditory STATION ROSE-News" - the result of this tried and tested method - have become popular with listeners and users alike. They are not only simply "original", they also shed light on the latest developments in the work of STATION ROSE, both on the site of their work (they live and work in Frankfurt am Main) and on the Internet.

    As a compositional "spot", the STATION ROSE JINGLE throws acoustic highlights on the following events:

    Gunafa Television (G.TV) will go multimedia live online via the STATION ROSE server next autumn.

    The latest musical works of STATION ROSE await their release.

A "radio play", in which STATION ROSE has packed its news, ambushes the audience with "spatial audio attacks" (as defined by STATION ROSE). To hear at KUNSTRADIO and on the internet. Ö1 Kunstradio