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development in Frankfurt 11./12.1995, 1st email campaign 1.1996

In november 95 Gary and me were invited to an indoor grill party at the "Klub der eingeschworenen dislozierten". It was crwded. we knew many guests, some not. We talked to a lot, really had fun. For a moment I sat down to relax, later got me a drink. When I came back, meanwhile, a strange little "figure" was sitting in my sofa. He must have read in my face that this has been my seat. He offered it back. I said it was okay. We started talking. While getting in touch he was permanently eating, without a break - sweet stuff only. Cookies were his thing. I had my drink, we kept on talking, he ate all time. When we came to the point to talk about our professions/jobs, he answered first. He said he was a writer.

His name was fett tedget. I hesitated to come up with "I am a hypermedia artist", cause this message too often makes noise. But as he wanted to know, I finally said it.

He stopped eating, which was astonishing - he never had done that before. He told me hypermedia was his favourite subject. His positive reaction was new to me. In the meanwhile Gary came with 2 friends, also musicians, so all together we started an easygoing discussion in the cosy sofas of the clubhouse. It must have gone for a long time, as it was 6 a.m. when we came home. At the goodbye moment fett had let us know he wanted to keep contact. He proposed to meet in our studio next time. A few days later he phoned, and came to visit the next day. At that meeting we started the first newsletter together. We didn't know then, that this would become a ritual. Now we know. We meet every 1-2 months, sit together for some time, he still eats cookies, we have a drink and together we talk and record on his old tape recorder a new chapter out of hypermedia life. Later he makes a newsletter out of it. If you are on our newsletter list, you get the outcome of these sit-ins by e-mail. e.r.98.

Inside this site there was a gifani (left) integrated.

Welcome to the Station Rose Newsletter 05.
written by Elisa Rose in July 96

This time I am the writer of the newsletter.
I have a good reason for that. Station Rose just completed the studio-move to a new physical location. Busy weeks are behind us. We are @home in a building in the 16th&17th floor in Frankfurt since 4 weeks & we are BACK in the Net!
We have an overview of the city in any direction - ensemble avec ISDN.
A magic place. Analogue meets digital. 

After our "Digital Cocooning-Phase" having lasted for a year or so, Gary & me were thrown into RL on from spring.  We had to leave cyberspace for so very analogue reasons. A funny reality, cause shortly before that moment happened, we got e-mail by JonathanE., a Microtimes journalist , sending the message:

"Dont be so damn virtual" .

We had to live so much time in RL. We had to morph our Frankfurt studio No.1 into the new one. 
& WE MOVED real objects- computers, keyboards, modems, monitors, clothes, boots, books & shelves, carpets, tables, lamps, guitars, plants, papers,...) by hand.

Meanwhile our newsletter-avatar Fett Tedget, who btw is more into analogue anyway, had the same thing going on->moving to a new place. These are the News from Frankfurt, btw- many interesting humans are moving these days- a big morph of habitats here. WE ARE THE FIRST ONES TO BE BACK !

We are already working on broadcasting over the internet once a week in realtime
& and we updated our site.
so please check it out!

Until soon so, n-joy that hot summer 96 ! Life is wonderful !

Elisa Rose

P.S.: I just got a phone call by fett 1 hour ago, and we fixed a meeting for next week.

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