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See Electric Minds (1996) as a role model for Facebook (2004) 8 years later.

We had our community and we were there on a daily basis.

Electric Minds, Inc. is a multiple media start up formed by author/futurist Howard Rheingold and Yahoo's founding Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Randy Haykin, to pioneer the Social Web. Electric Minds' unique blend of editorial, business, and design talent yields both a revolutionary approach to integrated content and community as well as a dynamic product suitable for extension into print, television, special events, and video.

STATION ROSE takes care of Germany & Austria in the Social Web, is connected to a community worldwide, and expands the boundaries away from words-only towards audio-visual content.


links : frankfurt - station rose
Selection of reports we made:

  • Goin' Gunafa in Germany
    (GUNAFA - Arabic slangword for "positive chaos", a cocktail of apparently incompatible ingredients)
  • Station Rose on Documenta X
  • Station Rose on ARS Electronica Center
  • STR - techno frankfurt goes east

    “There was a lot of brilliant conversation throughout ‘Electric Minds’, but the ‘Frankfurt Conference’ was unique. Because Gary and Elisa's concept of the conference was unique. They melded it into the overall project that is Station Rose. It wasn't so much the things Gary and Elisa were saying as the way they were saying them. Yes, both could write eloquently on a wide variety of issues, and both knew how to give warm welcomes to newcomers and interact online with old friends. But because the digital heart of Electric Minds was the conferencing system developed to make the Well accessible to the Web, Well Engaged, Gary and Elisa could effuse far more expressively by uploading eye-searing images and animated GIFs and ear-tickling loops of beats and otherworldly sounds.” David Hudson, two electric minds, in “Station Rose 1st decade”, Vienna , 1998

    A Kodak moment...online:
    what a meeting point - The Palace - social web at its early best. Here we meet <spoonman>, a very reliable mate online. We morphed to our avatars and got going - to the borders of Cyberspace.

    Screenshots form the Frankfurt Conference

    Sreenshots from electric minds conference

    Electronic Rider
    The Frankfurt multimedia duo STATION ROSE is involved in the new network project ELECTRIC MINDS.

    Attention web surfers: Here comes the address where you are not only voyeurs, but also active members of a virtual community. An address that you can use as a forum, library or website access without changing programs and software. Name: "Electric Minds". Father: the network philosopher Howard Rheingold. "Electric Minds" works via your browser: Simply log in to www.minds.com and enter your password. It gets exciting under "Conversations" or "World Wide Jam", where you can find information from eight world metropolises, including Frankfurt. Frankfurt's "host" is the multimedia duo Station Rose, which comes up with unusual information and offers. You should comment, send e-mails, follow links, establish links, be active! Prinz,  January 1997

    Elektrische Reiter

    Das Frankfurter Multimedia-Duo STATION ROSE mischt mit im neuen Netz-Projekt ELECTRIC MINDS

    Netz-Surfer aufgepasst: Hier kommt die Adresse, bei der ihr nicht nur Voyeure seid, sondern aktive Mitglieder einer virtuellen Gemeinschaft. Eine Adresse, die Ihr als Meinungsforum, Bücherei oder Homepage-Zugang nützen könnt, ohne Programme und Software zu wechseln. Ihr Name: „Electric Minds“. Ihr Vater: der Netz-Philosoph Howard Rheingold. „Electric Minds“ funktioniert über Euren Browser: Einfach einloggen bei http://www.minds.com und Passwort nennen. Spannend wird es unter „Conversations“ bzw. „World Wide Jam“, wo Ihr Infos aus acht Welt-Metropolen findet, darunter Frankfurt. Frankfurts „Gastgeber“ ist das Multimedia-Duo Station Rose, das mit ungewöhnlichen Infos und Angeboten aufwartet. Ihr sollt kommentieren, e-mails schicken, links verfolgen, links etablieren, aktiv sein!

    Prinz, Januar 1997