STATION ROSE Jingle 1998

12. 3. 1998: "Station Rose - The 1st Decade"

On the occasion of the first decade of their work, the two will present in Frankfurt a. M. living and working Viennese artists who founded the first multimedia band in Europe with their project Station Rose, their Station Rose birthday jingle, which they composed on behalf of KUNSTRADIO.

With this jingle, Station Rose continues the tradition of the aural "Station Rose-News" that has been cherished for ten years. The jingle also refers to the latest developments in the Station Rose project. You can hear among others Impressions from the 10th anniversary of Station Rose, which will be celebrated live and on the Internet the day before this broadcast (March 11th).

The jingle also contains the latest, unpublished music and lyrics from Station Rose as well as news that are packaged into a "radio play". Spatial acoustic effects, so-called "audio attacks", provide additional tension.

With Station Rose, your "digital archive" is of course also celebrating its tenth anniversary. For the Rose-Jingle station, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner selected samples from the "digital archive" they had set up and placed them in completely new contexts. When selecting samples, special attention is paid to the most important artistic phases of Station Rose over the past 10 years.