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"Phosphoric Brain Massage" [CD-ROM]. — Frankfurt am Main: Station Rose, Sony Music 1997.


"Cinematheque Quebecoise"

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 18:10:44 -0400 (EDT)
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Gunafa, Station Rose, Phosporic Brain Massage...I would like to know more about it!
I am Virginie Pringuet from the International Montreal Film and New Media Festival (FCMM) and I am looking for interesting multimedia projects (CD-Roms, performances, web projects...). I've been surfing your website a few times and  I found The Phosophoric Brain Massage very interesting but I
need now to hear and see it to know if it fits with our New Media Festival concpet.

The FCMM is the merge of two events that were presented each year in Montreal: the International Festival of New Cinema and Video, which lasted for 25 years, and the International Short Film Festival. Since then, a new media component was added that is expected (we hope so!) to match the
importance of cinema in the festival. In the course of the next years, theFCMM is to focus on interactive cinematic/dramatic experiences that could be shared collectively, not only the basis of a person to machine interaction like CD-Roms or immersive environments. But for the moment,
like most of the events that deal with new media, discourse is more important than the product. It is more a matter of creating a context for the absorption of works and opportunities to exchange on the subject. Of exposing the process behind current explorations in the field of
interactive communication.

The first edition of the festival is scheduled for June 5-15. It will be held at the newly renovated "Cinematheque Quebecoise", an important cinema institution in Montreal, right next to the National Film Board's Cinerobotheque.

Our intention is to set up a "Media Lounge" that would give the opportunity to the audience to experience 3 main dimensions of the New Media field: the digital experience, the interactive experience and finally, the network experience. We will present cd-roms, net projects,conferences, video programs, performances, perhaps live net or videoconference events.

We're still open to proposals and suggestions. Can we open up some sort of dialogue on this.

I hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards,

Virginie Pringuet
Festival des Nouveaux Medias de Montreal