Documentation of creative work 1988 - NOW :

STATION ROSE/STR was founded by musician Gary Danner & visual artist Elisa Rose in Vienna in 1988 - as an open media lab, after they had graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1987. From 1988-1991 STATION ROSE was located in today ́s art center of the city, in the 4th district, which they initiated.

Elisa Rose studied Art History and French language at the University of Vienna, Gary Danner International Trade at the University of Economics and Business Vienna. Danner studied “Visual Communication” with Prof. Laurids Ortner at the University of Art and Design Linz. 
 1981: Danner scores a Top Ten Hit with his band „The Vogue“. 
1982: Danner studied at University of Applied Arts Vienna with Prof. Oberhuber, Rose studied Fashion with Karl Lagerfeld and Art with Prof. Oberhuber at University of Applied Arts Vienna. 
 1987: Rose & Danner received diplomas at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

They are online since 1991.
They stayed in Cairo/Egypt, San Francisco and Frankfurt.
 After 20 years abroad they live & work in Vienna again.

Elisa Rose & Gary Danner won the Prix Ars Electronica 1995 and the Lifetime Award of the City of Linz in 2012.

STATION ROSE are media artist Elisa Rose & composer Gary Danner, „Pioneers of Digital Culture“ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Wired), with available digital artworks going back to 1988. In 2018, their catalog with augmented reality „STATION ROSE 30.0“ has been published by De Gruyter, & is available worldwide. From 11.2019 to 01.2020 they had the solo-exhibition „It ́s True“ with augmented and virtual reality in Vienna. Performances: since 1988 Elisa Rose & Gary Danner perform audiovisual concerts live. STATION ROSE exhibited and performed worldwide. They lived abroad for 20 years, stayed in Frankfurt, were part of the early net scene in San Francisco, and have lived in Cairo 1988/89. Since 2011 they live and work in Vienna again.


STATION ROSE   documentation of creative work 1988 – 2021


STATION ROSE represented by Charim Galerie Vienna
STATION ROSE contribution "Anna Sacher" to Austria for Life charity event at Stephansdom, Vienna
"Scsi", "Surfing on Electronic Surfaces", "Blazer": singles, online releases on Gunafa
„Digital Art Diary 7+8“, TV show at ORFIII/Austria
„Artists of the Month“ at Museumsquartier Vienna
Relaunch of "Digital Archive", 11.3.2021
"Digital Archive, Vol.1", online album release on Gunafa


„It´s True, it´s Gunafa & it´s Immersive“, participation at Vienna Art Week at d*a s´ sotto
„STaRting 2020“, AV-performance at Cafe KORB, Vienna
„Webcast #204-208“, audiovisual STReams live @home
„Gunafa 2020“, Mini-LP, released by Spaziotempo/It
„Digital Art Diary 5+6“, TV show at ORFIII/Austria
„STReaming-Art in and beyond the Lockdown“, contribution for EIKON magazine #111/112
„Station Rose Jingle 2020 - Der Ausgang dieser Geschichte findet überall statt 2.0“, Kunstradio Ö1


"Gunafa ́s Children" Mini-Album, Childhood Intelligence Berlin
AV-performance at Cafe KORB, live improvisation with Mia Zabelka
„Wenn die Kunst die Realität erweitert“, participation, exhibition at CAS Campus Karlsruhe Field Research, New York City
„Liquid Walls of Sound“, augmented reality LP Box, monkey. music.
Live presentation at Volkstheater Vienna
TV features at ORF 2 and ORF 3
AV Live-Performance at Haus der Kunst Munich.
„U<>N><I<<T>>A“, augmented reality exhibition at Ars Electronica/Galerie Hofkabinett „Station Rose Jingle 2019 - U<>N><I<<T>>A“, Kunstradio ORF
„It ́s True, it ́s Gunafa & it ́s Immersive“, participation at Vienna Art Week at d*a s ́ sotto


STATION ROSE is 30.0 now, diverse actions and events
AV-performance at "Art ́s Birthday", Radio Kultur Haus, Vienna
„STATION ROSE 30.0 - The Walls of the new Systems Will be Liquid“, augmented book, edition angewandte/De Gruyter
„STATION ROSE 30.0“ solo exhibition at Bildraum 01, Vienna
„30 Years of STATION ROSE“, performance and solo-exhibition at UNPAINTED, Munich „Imago Mundi“, participation, collection Bennetton, Trieste
„Station Rose Jingle 2018“, Kunstradio ORF
Ars Electronica, gallery spaces/niio, participation
„Die 90er Jahre“, participation, MUSA Vienna


„interweaving 02“, Webcast, Vienna Art Week
„Composers ́ Lounge #13“, live AV performance at Porgy& Bess Vienna, hosted by ÖKB „Brandstätte“, performance at Café Korb, Vienna
„Ästhetik der Veränderung - 150 Jahre Universität für Angewandte Kunst“, participation, MAK Vienna „Gunafa Reloaded“, solo-show at Raum für aktuelle Editionen/instant-edition, Vienna
„Station Rose Jingle 2017 - Die Verzahnung“, Kunstradio ORF


„Vienna Art Week - Interview Marathon Seeking Beauty“, AV performance, MAK Vienna „Digital Art Diary 3+4“, TV show at ORFIII/Austria
„Station Rose Jingle 2016“, Kunstradio ORF
„PiXXL_Hall“, 4 hour live AV performance at Donaufestival, MInoritenkirche Krems
7“ vinyl release „PiXXL_Hall/A La Kul Le Lun“ (gun14)
„Unpainted 2.0“, Munich. Exhibition and 5 performances
Aalborg University, Denmark. Lecture and performance


"Serendipity" (participation), Temporäre Halle für Kunst Linz
„Station Rose Jingle 2015“, Kunstradio ORF
"Pixel Home 2.0", Kunst Haus Wien
"Vienna for Art ́s Sake!" (participation), Benetton Collection, Belvedere Vienna
"Next EP“, online audio-release
„#Next Digital Quarter Century“ book published by GUNafa Books
"Pixel Home 2.0", Kunst Haus Wien
„Digital Art Diary 1+2“, TV show at ORFIII/Austria and ARDalpha/Germany


permanent installation at electric avenue, Museumsquartier Wien
„Station Rose Jingle 2014“, Kunstradio ORF
Summer of Sounds, A/V performance, Museumsquartier Vienna
solo exhibition and A/V Performance at Graf+ZYX TANK
"Pixel Home", land art project, Ottensheim Upper Austria
"Metarave/Megarave", participation with "Gunafa Clubbing re-enacted 1992/2014", Kunsthaus Langenthal Schweiz
"Un_Commercials", TV show at ORFIII/Artist in Residence and ARDalpha/Germany


"What Would Thomas Bernhard Do", Kunsthalle Wien, AV performance
"Nachmittagskonzert in Zimmerlautstärke", RaumD, Museumsquartier Wien permanent installation at electric avenue, Museumsquartier Wien
"Spuren legen", AV installation at Phonomuseum Wien
AV performance at Ottensheim Open Air
Artist Talk, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
"ShelTeR", installation and AV performances at "Total Recall", Ars Electronica, Tabakwerke Linz
"Digital Quarter Century_Patterns & Pleats", installation and AV performances, Ovalhalle MQ Vienna


Opening of Station Rose at Museumsquartier, electric avenue
„Station Rose Jingle 2012“, Kunstradio ORF
guestlecture at Kunstuni Linz, Institute for Interface Culture
audiovisual installation at Ve.sch
"even STRibber" vinyl EP, label: comfortzone, distribution: Trost
record releaseparty and audiovisual performance at rhiz, Vienna
"Halleluhwah! Hommage a CAN", contribution, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin
Kunstwürdigungspreis der Stadt Linz, lifetime award 2012
"Nachmittagskonzert in Zimmerlautstärke", RaumD, Museumsquartier Wien


bookpresentation at furtherfield, London
bookpresentation at Austrian Cultural Forum, London
move to Vienna
„Station Rose Jingle 2011“, Kunstradio ORF
performance lectures at COCO Vienna
90 min. TV feature at okto
audiovisual performance at Media Opera, Rinderhallen Vienna
audiovisual installation and diverse activities at V_port, electric avenue, MQ Vienna "Halleluhwah! Hommage a CAN", contribution, Abtart gallery Stuttgart


Booktour: presentations at MAK Vienna, Frankfurt Bookfair/Frankfurter Kunstverein
"20 Digital Years plus" book with CD and DVD, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
„Sit-In/Out“, audiovisual performance at „what is music?“, >>raum für kultur<< Dresdner Bank Frankfurt
„Violently Y/ours“ solo exhibition at gallery Hofkabinett, Linz
„Close_up_410“ in cooperation with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, audiovisual installation and performance at Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt
„Station Rose Jingle 2010“, Kunstradio ORF


„Videorama – Kunstclips aus Österreich“ Kunsthalle Wien, New York, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Peking
„See This Sound“ audiovisual performance at Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz
„Interstellar Overdrive – A Tribute to Syd Barrett“, enhanced CD, Third Ear Tokyo. In cooperation with AtomTM CD, presentation at Yachtklub Frankfurt
„Ornamental 409“ Installation at FAZ-Lounge, Staedelmuseum Frankfurt
„Ornamental 409“ new works on fabric
„LogInCabin“ media sculpture at MAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna


Transmediale/Moving Forest, Berlin
20 Digital Years: Webcasts, publications, art products, web database "STR Digital Archive 1988-2008", live- performances, exhibitions, "media sculpture"
Feature story in international artmagazine EIKON
"Station Rose - 20 Digital Years - the Movie" at KUNSTHALLE wien, ursula blickle videolounge
„LogInCabin“ media sculpture at MAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna
„Station Rose Jingle 2008“, Kunstradio ORF
Austrian StateStipend for the Fine Arts


CIMATICS AV Festival Brussels, AV-performance
Ars Electronica, performance at Second City/Capture your City
SKUG Journal für Musik, editorial on Dubstep
INPUT 2007, Lugano, panel and presentation on „Art in TV“
Stepper EP, audio online-release
art_clips, exhibition and DVD participation, ZKM Karlsruhe


:// on Demand, artist book, Revolver Archiv für Aktuelle Kunst Frankfurt
:// on Demand, audio online-release
Live @Home, audio online-release
Playing Now, audio online-rerelease
Paraflows Vienna, lecture
M12 Berlin, performance and lecture
Städelschule Frankfurt, guestlecture and performance
"Best of Webcasting", hr/ARD Digital, regular TV productions, 50 min. p. month.
Webcasting at <>.


Transmediale Berlin, lecture
„Best of Webcasting“, DVD and CD release
performances and DVD-presentations at Cafe Royal, Frankfurt, project space karlsplatz, Vienna, Kunstraum Innsbruck
Cooky ́s Frankfurt, performance
"Electronic Habitat 05", solo exhibition [DAM] Berlin
„Station Rose Jingle 2005“, Kunstradio ORF
Kunstuniversität Linz, Institute for Interface Culture, guestlecture
"Best of Webcasting", hr/ARD Digital, regular TV productions, 50 min. p. month.
Webcasting at <>.


Professorship „Media production“ at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
„Electronic Habitat 03“, solo exhibition at O.K. Center Linz
"Best of Webcasting", hr/ARD Digital, regular TV series, 50 min. p. month.
Webcasting at <>.


"Playing Field - streaming media art", in cooperation with IMG Mainz.
Melkweg, Amsterdam, performance (WWV festival).
Montevideo, Amsterdam, lecture (as part of „Playing Field“).
"Soundcultures", Audio Mini CD (participation), Edition Suhrkamp/Mille Plateaux.
"Manifestation!" vinyl, Eternity.
"Electronic Habitat", solo exhibition Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt.
Professorship „Media production“ at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
"Best of Webcasting", hr/Late Lounge, regular TV productions, 50 min. p. month. Webcasting at <>.


Professorship „Media production“ at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
"live @home 4", vinyl release, with videoclip "WYSIWYG".
"Best of Webcasting", hr/Late Lounge, TV productions, 4 telecasts á 50 min. p. m.
Art Frankfurt, Trabant gallery.
Performances at "Goldfinger" club, Frankfurt.
"Cybersonica" festival, ICA London, performance.
Webcasts live@home No. 153 - 159 at <>.
Kunsthaus Bregenz, performance.
"9.11. Netzwerke", media conference curated by Station Rose. With, Ralf Homann, F.E. Rakuschan, John Coate, Thomas Feuerstein, Richard Barbrook, Benoit Faucon, bizz circuits,


"Inkwell.vue", online live-interview & conference at WELL engaged, hosted by David Hudson & Jon Lebkowsky.
"Webcast Lounge" at Art Frankfurt: Installation, performance & webcasting station - STR curates exhibition of netart projects: in conversation with Daniel Birnbaum, 0100101110101101.ORG, and others. (Webcasts 139-143). Art production
"MIDI-pillows" (MIDI-composition printed on cloth, limited edition for Art Frankfurt).
EMAF Festival, Osnabrück: lecture, STReamed from the Webcast Lounge in Frankfurt.
"Dave - remixed", vinyl release, International Deejay Gigolo Records.
"Dave - remixed", Progressive House Compilation, Choice Productions, London.
"Smoother than Strange", on "Clicks & Cuts 2" compilation, Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt.
Spring Tour 2001: audiovisual performances - Linz/University of Arts, t.u.b.e/Munich, Mousonturm/Frankfurt, WMF/Berlin & U60311/Frankfurt (in coop. with Gigolo records).
Panel "V-Stream21" Linz/University of Arts.
Bayrischer Rundfunk- t.u.b.e- Live-broadcast of a STR-performance on B.R., simultaneous STReaming at
Webcasts live@home No. 129- 152 at <>.
STR in conversation with: e.g. FORCE Inc, Mille Plateaux/Achim Szepanski (Webcast 133).
10 years online (since 10.6.91): special Webcast Session summer 2001, feature at Telepolis.
Lecture at Bauhaus Universität Weimar, festival <type=radio-border=0>.
Participation in Borderhack 2.0 festival, San Diego/Tijuana, with Webcast 148.
"Smoother than strange", musicvideoclip, VIVA.
Participation in ""/Steirischer Herbst, with Webcast Nr.150, performance and lecture.


"Arte / Tracks", TV-feature, incl. footage of STR live in Paris.
"Club Transmediale", audiovisual performance, Transmediale festival, Berlin.
Art Frankfurt 2000: new art products (Trabant gallery), as well as Gunafa Clubbing, in conversation with Besucherschule, Artkino, Webcasts.
"STR in conversation with Bazon Brock" at <>, Webcast 102.
"Mekka Frankfurt Offenbach", in cooperation with Moschee. Projection of a STReam.
"Kulturzeit", 3sat, TV-feature.
"Dave", International Deejay Gigolos, Volume IV compilation, Munich.
"Drag & Drop", Kunstraum Innsbruck, Performance and installation, in conversation with Josephine Bosma.
"100 Tage keine Ausstellung", Kunstverein Salzburg, performance and in conversation with Hildegund Amanshauser.
"New Austrian Spotlight", cooperation, University of Marmara, Istanbul.
"live @home 3", vinylrelease incl. remix by move D.
"Webcast day 92", videoclip, VIVA.
"AU CIEL", Audio CD.
CD Release & Performance at Popkomm, Cologne.
"VIVA 2/2 Step". TV-Feature. 1-hour broadcast of a live-webcast.
Performance at rhiz club, Vienna.
Generali Foundation: "If only we could tell". Contribution with Installation/performance, Vienna.
Webcasts live@home No.93 - 128 at <>.
"private://public" Symposium Nr.3, presentation of the book "private://public" at MAK, Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna, with Thomas Feuerstein and Stefan Weber.
Lecture at "filesharing", Berlin.
STR live in San Francisco: MIDI performance at "Blasthaus!/Joypad".


"CrossLinks", Marstall, Berlin: participation & first Webcasting at <>; since 22.1.1999 on a regular basis.
"Webcasts live@home No.1 - 92" at <>.
"Next 5 Minutes 3", festival, Amsterdam. Webcasting, performance, booktour.
"Galerienrundgang"/ Art Frankfurt, Rotari Club Frankfurt/Offenbach.
"Gunafa Clubbing II", Space Place/Frankfurt. Performance & STReam.
"Accept The Future", performance, Bordeaux.
"Best of Webcasting", RadioX, Frankfurt.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 99", composition f. ORF/Ö1, Austria & Internet.
"von 0-1", Lecture. Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt.
"Playing now", CD release, on own Gunafa label.
"live @home", div. vinyl releases on Gunafa label.
"Playing now world tour": Earth Dance Festival/Hamburg, Trabant gallery/Wien, U60311/Frankfurt, Transmediale/Berlin,
Viper Festival/Luzern, Ultraschall/Munich,
STR live in Paris, Le Batofar.


"Transmediale 98", festival, MIDI-Live-performance, Berlin.
"1st Decade" - 10 Jahre Station Rose", book publication, edition selene Vienna.
"Kunstradio - The 1st Decade", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria & Internet.
Multimedia Field Research in California, USA.
"1st Decade Booktour": lectures, installations, performances in Vienna (MAK/Museum for Applied Arts), San Francisco, Hamburg (Westwerk, with Geert Lovink), Frankfurt Book Fair.
"Construction Sounds", Museumsquartier Vienna. MIDI-live performance.


Release of CD extra "Phosphoric Brain Massage", Sony Music. 4 Audiotracks & interactive multimedia, texts, audio.
Conference "ELECTRIC MINDS". STR are Hosts of this Virtual Community, Internet.
"Sunflower Festival", Regensburg.
"Nature One Festival", Kastellaun. Rave, live-performance.
Popkomm 97, Cologne.
Ars Electronica, workshop and lecture on Virtual Communities, with John "Tex" Coate, Linz, Austria. "
Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 97", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"Cosmic Circus" Festival, performance, Frankfurt & Berlin.
"Technoscope", lecture, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria.
"Flying Network Party", University of Potsdam.
"Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media", Canada.
"Musik im Internet", lecture, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.
Release of "TREE", Vinyl-Maxisingle and Video, Sony Music.


"Burning the Interface", exhibition of avantgarde-CD ROMs, Sydney.
"Kursbuch Internet", text contribution, Bollmann Verlag, Germany.
Videoconference: CuSeeMe, online with Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey and others.
"Komm 96", congress, discussion with STR, J.P. Barlow, G. Lovink a.o., Düsseldorf.
Popkomm 96, Cologne.
"Electronic Weekend", Gary Danner Theremin-concert at WP 8, Düsseldorf.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 96", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria
Contract with Sony Music/S3.
Station Rose are appointed "Hosts of the Frankfurt Conference" and "World Wide Jammers" at Howard Rheingold ́s "ELECTRIC MINDS" <>, a Virtual Community project.
End of "Digital Cocooning" phase.


Release of CD/CD-ROM "Icons, Morphs & Samples" (Gunafa Records, licensed by Play it again Sam Germany).
"Mind Children", CD-Single (Gunafa Records, licensed by Play it again Sam Germany).
Field Research in California, USA. Cooperations with Howard Rheingold, John Coate (S.F. Chronicle), The WELL, Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna.
STATION ROSE - Homepage goes online: <>, at The WELL, San Francisco.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 95", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"Digital Cocooning". Artistic-scientific experiment.
Popkomm 95, Cologne. CDROM presentation, panel discussion.
Gunafa Clubbing / Internet Lounge", The BOX Frankfurt, incl. internet connection.
"Telematic Cities", lecture, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
"World Wide Jam", contributions to Howard Rheingold ́s "Digital Zeitgeist". Frankfurt Book Fair.
Honorable mention at Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, for Station Rose Homepage.
"Auskunft", STR in conversation with F.E.Rakuschan, Depot Vienna.


"Chromapark", Techno-exhibition, Berlin. CDROM-presentation.
MTV-"The Party Zone", London. TV feature.
"Pulseman", contribution to sampler (Frogman Records, Tokio).
"Art Finale", Nürnberg. Performance.
Production of CD-ROM "Surfing on Electronic Surfaces: 15 years of Ars Electronica".
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 94", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"European Media Art Festival", Osnabrück. Panel.
"Infografia ́94", Bilbao.


"Station Rose Interaktiv", exhibition at Tröster & Schlüter gallery, Frankfurt. CD ROM, light boxes, multiples and print-outs.
"Mediale", Festival, Hamburg. CDROM-presentation.
Germany-Tour (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Stuttgart, München, Düsseldorf, Köln, withDj Dag. Multimedia-Live-Performances. Amiga, Atari.
"Unit n", lecture, Vienna.
Start up of Hypermedia-Label "GUNAFA": release of CD ROMs, CDs and Vinyls.
"Ebene 7", Multimedia -Events, Frankfurt. Performances, installations; with 5 projectors and 5 screens,
Bodysonic-Sound System. E-mail connection with Virtual Community at grafics.
Performance with Terence McKenna at Ebene 7.
"Interactiva", Cologne. Festival. Lecture and CD ROM-demonstration.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 93", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria. Popkomm, Cologne.
The WELL: real time chat, ascii
"FAB 505", EP/Video production, no. 3 of "New Musical Express-Techno Charts", London.
"FAB 505 - Vernetzte Zelle", MAK/ Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna. Hypermedia Installation & Multimedia Sequencing live, E-mail connection with Virtual Community at The WELL. Amiga, Atari, 6 projectors and 6 Screens.
“Reise zu den Quellen“, Tokio. Multimedia field research in Japan. Katalogbeitrag.


Gunafa Clubbing, XS Frankfurt, Live Hypermedia Performances in a club context, with internet connection with Virtual Community at The WELL: real time chat, ascii Grafiken. Amiga, Atari. 4 projections = Net Art project 01.
"Expeditionen 92" congress, Munich. Performance.
CD-ROM Production "Station Rose Interaktiv. Virtuelle Realität als Neuer Grenzbereich". In cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and CHIP INSIDE. Amiga system.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 92", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"37 Räume", Auguststrasse, Berlin. Contribution, with Yoko Ono and others.
"Interactiva", Cologne. Festival, lecture & CDROM-demonstration.
"DigitEyes/Dave", LP/CD Production, "LP of the Week"/MTV, "The Party Zone".
"Virtuelle Rituale", Freiburg. Performance.


Move from Vienna to Frankfurt.
Station Rose goes Online at the Well: conferences, real time chat, ascii grafics.
Public Brain Session, with Micky Remann, performance, TV tower Frankfurt.
"Virtuelle Realität als Neuer Grenzbereich", research work for the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research.
Multimedia field research in USA.
"1st European Software Festival", Munich. CDROM-demonstration.
TV-Feature with Marvin Minsky & STR-Computergrafics.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 91", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria
"Gunafa 2000", exhibition at NGBK, Berlin. Multiples, light boxes, videos, live-performance. Internet connection with Howard Rheingold in San Francisco. Print-outs of ascii-grafics.
"Virtual Welcome" by Dr. Timothy Leary on video.
"Gunafa 2000", EP/CD production (No. 9 of "Global Techno Power Charts", Detroit).
"Soft Targets", Munich. Exhibition, installation and performance.
"Chill Out", Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt. Videos and Sounds.


"Mind Machines", Symposium Nr.2: Cyberspace & Virtual Realities, Vienna.
"Public Brain Session", premiere, Vienna. Opto-acoustic creation/stimulation of theta waves. Monitors, Lightsystem, PA.
"Das Broiler Projekt", Christoph Tannert / Berlin East, informs about "Avantgarde in the GDR?". "Warenwerte", videos, lecture, vinyl.
"Gunafa Clubbing", Hypermedia Installation, Public Brain Session,Techno. Vienna, Mannheim, Hamburg, Frankfurt.
"Windows", series of installations in the windows of the station. With contributions by Helmut Mark and F.E. Rakuschan, Peter Sandbichler and others.
Art Frankfurt. Light boxes, videos, multiples, catalogue. Galleries Gawlik & Schorm/Vienna, Karin Sachs/ Munich.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 90", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"Sommeratelier", contribution, catalogue, Hannover. Installation with computerprints, light boxes, mindmachine, videos, soundmachine, Amiga 500 computer & modem.
Installation at Westwerk, with Public Brain Session and Performance, Hamburg.
Public Brain Tour, BRD, CH, USA, in some places with Dr. Timothy Leary.
"Cyberthon" festival ("a 24-hour Adventure in Virtual Reality"), San Francisco. Performance.
Steirischer Herbst - "Mobile Halle". Public Brain Session.
"Cybergirls", exhibition of Moritz Reichelt. Computerprints.
Last activity of STR in Vienna.


"Gunafa Clubbing", Hypermedia Installation, Public Brain Session,Techno. Atrium and Skala Vienna.
"Arabian Sands", exhibition and concert with The Bicycle Thieves, Gawlik & Schorm gallery, Vienna in March (short intermission of field research in Cairo). Light boxes, light objects, video edition, catalogue (incl. discette) and multiples.
"Station im Aussendienst", multimedia field research in Cairo/Egypt until July. Production of light objects, fashion and audio recordings.
"Design Wien", MAK/Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna. Contribution with "Oriental Light" as catalogue project.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 89", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"Museum des 21. Jahrhunderts" exhibition, contribution, Vienna.
"Trash City", contribution, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.
"Gunafa Show", multimedia performance at Ars Electronica, "Im Netz der Systeme", Linz, and "Gunafa Pavillon". Text contribution for Kunstforum #103.


Opening of Station Rose 11.3. in Vienna.
"Fahnen und Hymnen", multimedia project for opening the Station Rose, Vienna. With contributions by Gerwald Rockenschaub, Bob Adrian, Helmut Mark, F.M. Einheit, Der Plan, Elisa Rose, Gary Danner and others. Multiple und musicassette edition.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 01", composition for ORF/Ö1, Austria.
"Presentation of musicassette & light installation" by Andreas Kunzmann.
"3 short stories" by Armin Medosch, published by "Edition Rose".
"Die andere Wirklichkeit. Avantgarde in der DDR ?" Lecture by Christoph Tannert/Eastberlin.
"Samples", Symposium Nr.1, Vienna. Contributions by Fritz Ostermeier, Pita Rehberg, Thomas Mießgang, Zelko Wiener, Constanze Ruhm, Mathias Fuchs, Phoenix Presseagentur and others, incl. "Sampling Live" concert, Acid House (DJ G. Rockenschaub) and light installation at Skala.
"Oriental Light", Museum Ludwig, Cologne, performance und installation.
"Station im Aussendienst", on from Nov., multimedia field research in Cairo/Ägypten for 8 months.