Kommando TV & professorship (2002)

Professorship „Media production“ at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt -live @home 4 vinyl - start of Best of Webcasting TV series at hr-fernsehen/ARD Digital - Art Frankfurt - Goldfinger club Frankfurt - Cybersonica ICA London - Webcasts live@home No. 153 - 159 - KUB Kunsthaus Bregenz - 9.11. Netzwerke symposium


We were invited to share a professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt for 2 years, teaching "Media Production". We held lectures every week, focussing on:

- the history of TV

- sampling in audiovisual media

- the history of Dub (from calypso to ska to dubstep).

In the practicals, held twice a week, we swapped between audio production (Danner) and video production (Rose).


At the same time we started the "Best of Webcasting" TV series. For this we produced 50 minutes of audiovisual art every month over 4 years, which was broadcast at hr fernsehen/ARD Digital once a week. Approximately 40.000 viewers watched this video art experiment all over Europe each week. This tight production- and lecturing-schedule, plus the organization of the symposium "9.11. Netzwerke", allowed for only few selected live performances on the road.

audiovisual piece "Borderhack_what" from TV series "Station Rose Best of Webcasting 4" on German TV (running Aug. & Sept. 2002)


A Station Rose lecture series was entitled

"Life and Survival in the Electronic Jungle".

If you do extensive research about the artist duo, you realize that this title is downright program.