Next Level - TV and the Products (2005)

"Best of Webcasting" at hr/ARD Digital  //  guestlecture at Kunstuniversität Linz Institute for Interface Culture //  Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 2005  //  Electronic Habitat 05 exhibition at DAM gallery Berlin  //  performances and DVD-presentations at Cafe Royal Frankfurt, project space karlsplatz Vienna, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Cooky´s Frankfurt  //  „Best of Webcasting“ DVD and CD  //  Transmediale



As the shared professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt had ended the previous year, STR had more time to focus on artistic work again. While still producing their TV series, they released the DVD and CD Best of Webcasting that year, presenting them in Frankfurt, Vienna, Innsbruck, and Berlin with lectures and audiovisual performances. STR had a solo show in Gallery DAM in Berlin Mitte.


Praised by Tim Leary for their „pioneering work in the field of multimedia", seriously wired gearheads ElisaRose & Gary Danner have been putting their stuff out live and direct over the Internet in the form of online exhibitions and Webcasts since 1991. Geographically positioned in Frankfurt after relocating from their native Austria but ubiquitous in reach, Station Rose have successfully occupied that bewildering hinterland between real-time and recorded, past and future, audio and visual.
Their combined efforts put Techno in a sliding scale of forms and responses. Collecting together material prepared for the STR TV stream at,Best of Webcasting provides an excellent opportunity to catch up with them.
             Ken Hollings, The WIRE

Elisa Rose and Gary Danner succeeded in shaping even with the most simple effects and loops in a personal 'form', composing the musical sequences depending on the attitudes of the moment (abstract or pop) and proving the ability to synthesize the last 15 years' visual role of electronic music.                     NEURAL.IT

Nature is Cool is a topic since 1988.
Here it was used for the credits of "Best of Webcasting" at hr/ARD Digital.