Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 2005

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The Jingle 2005.

The Austrian artist group Station Rose/STR, namely Elisa Rose (visuals and concept) and Gary Danner (sound and concept), operates between art, technology, and society and understands itself as "within the continuity of media art which has generated diverse concepts of art and practices in close succession. To be brief, we are dealing with a concept of art which meets the expanding mobility of mankind, of symbolic capital and the mediasation of the world via tele-media in a highly contemporary manner." Since 1991, data STReaming is a basis for Station Rose's work. Since then, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner have been operating a digital broadcasting station on their website with which they can transmit audio-visual arts as well as live interviews and chats into the internet - in the form of "audio-visual jam sessions" during which animated films, sounds and texts are sampled and re-arranged in realtime.

Already since 1988, at more or less regular intervals, Station Rose has arranged programmes for Kunstradio. The Station Rose Jingle, a fix part within Station Rose's work as well as of ORF Kunstradio, is a mod survey of their recent activities.

With the latest jingle that the duo Elisa Rose and Gary Danner have composed for Kunstradio they are proceeding an otherwise rather rare tradition within their work, that is to combine sound and voice/text. Thus, these sonic STATION ROSE news, popular amongst listeners and users for years, offer the opportunity to hear a verbal statement of the media artists on topics they find relevant. Designed as a "spot" and enriched with found footage from Station Rose’s digital audio archive, the Jingle 2005 creates sonic spotlights: titled "Die aktuellen Umstände 2005" (Current circumstances 2005), Elisa Rose reports their observations on current ways of life in Europe, Frankfurt, an in the net. This personal commentary, report-like slams such as „Will China buy the West – Dragon tale or soon familiar reality?“, is scattered throughout the jingle. (Ö1 Kunstradio)