PiXXL_Hall - immersive media installation & performance at Donaufestival

4 hours performance marathon

    was the world premiere of STATION ROSE’s revised alpha and theta frequencies art form PUBLIC BRAIN SESSION, originally created in 1989.

  • leaves and blossoms were put under a microscope live during the PBS performance.

  • "The Public Brain Session is more than just an externalised mind machine (...). People aren’t joylessly isolated here, and although the wealth of visual information and speed of flashing light is disorientating, it is a pleasant disorientation, heightened by the relentless rumble of theta-waves which, at 300 beats per minute, are around two-and-a-half times the tempo of current dance music.” Simon Witter, The Sunday Times 1993

  • ELISA ROSE: For the PBS at the donaufestival I worked with 7 projectors and a microscope directly linked to my computer. I had collected plants from the church’s cloister garden and looped them through the microscope into my system. It was fascinating to discover the sheer detail of nature’s pictorial worlds that you can nowadays become immersed in. The pictorial information was kept extremely reduced, and was projected at high speed.
    GARY DANNER: After our eight-month stay in Cairo, the “Public Brain Session” was developed in 1989. It was a performative and immersive setting where both very loud and very low alpha frequencies were produced, along with fast animations, which had an immediate and unconscious effect on the psyche. Music and film were, to some extent, created within people’s heads.