PiXXL Hall 7"vinyl

The A-side of the record, "PiXXl_Hall" contains traces of acid, dub, techno and psychedelia. Influenced in form by Pierre Henry, John Carpenter and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, its aesthetics are shaped by Arabic handclaps, acid basslines, a cartoonesque vocal sample and a deep kickdrum, embraced by dark soundclouds.

The B-side, “A La Kul Le Lun”, was written and recorded in Cairo in 1989, when STATION ROSE had received a post-graduate grant to stay for eight months. Equipped with his Prophet 2000 sampler and a drum machine, Danner hired local musicians he had met in various Cairo nightclubs, and invited them to the recording studio. In this composition he used sampled voices from Egyptian radio, mixed them with a programmed electronic beat, and let mouzmar, organ, accordion and tablas improvise over it.

Giveaway-single handed out at Donaufestival during our 4-hours performance (gun14).