“Station Rose Jingle 2012”

Vocals: Elisa Rose, John Coate
sequencing, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, theremin, claves, maracas: Gary Danner
Composed, produced and performed by Station Rose, Vienna  Sept. 2012

The artist duo Station Rose presents the new “Station Rose Jingle”, which reflects current events in world affairs and in the artistic work of Gary Danner and Elisa Rose radiophonically. A significant change in the lives of the two recently was the move from the former techno capital Frankfurt, where they had lived since the 1990s, to Vienna. How the change of location affects the work of the two media artists is a motif of this year's edition of the “Station Rose Jingle”. The production of the jingle in broadcast length for the Kunstradio has become a tradition since the first episode was broadcast in 1988.