Lecture at Kunstuni Linz

"Even STRibber"





 "Even STRibber".....................i pad lecture


11. Juni 2012 Kunstuni Linz/Interface Cultures

Station Rose/STR (Elisa Rose: visuals/concept, Gary Danner: music/concept) will talk about latest developments in their audiovisual art:

<Even STRibber> is one of the 2011/12 slogans of STR.

Originally it has been the title of a media installation at Museumsquartier Wien.

<Even STRibber> is the title of their vinyl-EP as well, due for release on Viennese electronic label comfortzone in June. 2011/12 stands for a big shift for the artists. After having been active abroad for 20 years, ER & GD abandoned their 2nd home in Frankfurt, an important centre of money, banks and stock exchange. This work environment had a strong impact on their art, especially the downfall of capitalism shaped STR´s approach to media art. The crisis fell together with the celebration of their "20 Digital Years" in 2008.

They moved away from pure hi-tech, and concentrated on an artform they called "New Media Arte Povera" instead. They combine AV-art & technology with haptic elements. Digital sound & visual art meet fabrics, wood, glass ...

They will play their forthcoming vinyl-EP in the lecture, show videos, they will talk about their performances and projects, like a new TV-programme to be started soon, their net-activities and installations.