Pausing for a Moment (2007)

art_clips ZKM //  Stepper EP //  INPUT 2007 Lugano conference  //  editorial on Dubstep in SKUG magazine  //  Ars Electronica Second City  //  CIMATICS AV Festival Brussels // Kunstradio STR Jingle 2007

:// notes

The planning of the project 20 Digital Years was under way.

STR contributed a video to the DVD compilation This DVD was published by Hatje Cantz and curated by ZKM, where the DVD was shown in an exhibition.

STR performed live at two major European festivals, Gary Danner wrote an editorial on Dubstep for the Austrian music magazine “skug”.

At their performance at Ars Electronica 2007, STR had started to experiment with projections on architecture in public space, thus moving away from projecting on walls inside white cubes and clubs only. Ars Electronica´s theme for this year was "Goodbye privacy"..... STR had coined "private://public" as early as 2000, incl. the publication of a book with the same title.


In the preparation months for 20 Digital Years visits to SECOND LIFE happened as well...Should we rent ?