STATION ROSE Jingle 2017 „Die Verzahnung“

The new STATION ROSE Jingle 2017 - "Die Verzahnung"  is about the concept of interweaving.

It's about the dovetailing of the analog and digital world, of art and nature, of social, virtual & real life. The subject of STR observation is not the comparison or the exclusion of these worlds, but the possibilities of morphing apparent opposites. There will never again be two different, separately operating worlds, such as the old analogue and the new digital world. These must interlock and ideally, like a water wheel, together generate more energy than they consume.
An English translation of the term interlocking is not only “interdigitation” but also “interweaving”, which on the one hand exactly describes the materiality of a fabric as well as the presence of the new fabric of the web.

Interview with Station Rose by Anna Soucek