"35.1" Live audiovisual performance at PRST Club Vienna 4.23

STATION ROSE  reached 35 Digital Years 11th of March 2023. This  live performance at PRST has been the first event 35.1 on this occasion.

STATION ROSE LogIn Cabin - media sculpture at MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna installed in 2008 - 2009, with live performances using big LEDs and a soundsystem.

The media sculpture came into the collection of The City of Vienna. The Digital Archive section is now exhibited in the group show #2000er @wienmuseum_musa.

AV-Performance "Increase_0170920" at Parallel Vienna


Close-Up_410, immersive AV-installation and performance, Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt/Main 24. 4. 2010.
The installation included live performative moments, where Rose & Danner were actively changing
and updating their AV-room during 7 hours . 

"Gunafa Clubbing_Digital Quarter Century" AV/Performance at Kunsthalle Wien, immersive installation & A/V Performance for "What would Thomas Bernhard do"

As pioneers of digital culture, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner have been developing audiovisual art and live performances, electronic music and net art for the last twenty-five years. Station Rose’s “Gunafa Clubbing”, which began in 1988, was the first art form in the world in a club format. In it, Elisa Rose (images, internet) and Gary Danner (sound) connected electronic audiovisual art with the internet in a live performance. The first “Gunafa Clubbings” took place on from 1992 in Frankfurt am Main and on from 1989 in Vienna but also, for instance in San Francisco, Hamburg and Berlin. This was at a time when Techno, club culture, Projection Art and the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. To celebrate the digital quarter century (1988-2013), Station Rose will once again put on one of its legendary performances in the Kunsthalle Wien. (Kunsthalle Wien)

"Public Brain Session" at Soft Targets, Munich 1991

Immersive Installation & several performances, with 8 Beamers & Public Brain Session frequencies