Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste (1993-94)

Reise zu den Quellen Tokyo - FAB 505 Vernetzte Zelle MAK/ Museum for Applied Arts Vienna - FAB 505 EP/Video - Popkomm - Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 93 - Interactiva - Ebene 7 Frankfurt - Start up of Hypermedia-Label "GUNAFA" - Unit n -  Germany-Tour -  Pulseman LP - Mediale Hamburg - exhibition at Troester & Schlueter gallery Frankfurt - Infografia ´94 - European Media Art Festival  - CD-ROM Surfing on Electronic Surfaces: 15 years of Ars Electronica - Art Finale - MTV The Party Zone - Chromapark

//: notes

So we had achieved more or less everything we had planned in 4 brain halves in 2 years: Gunafa Clubbing boomed and we were online during these events (sending and receiving of course only verbal information, but digital ecstacy, technology and gunafa manifested itself there), had turned on the techno crowd to hypermedia, had 2 club hits ("Digit Eyes" and "Dave") and had become stars in the techno underground, and finally proved that you could have an exhibition in the "classical" art scene and fly from city to city at the same time, performing live.

But when we came back from touring in March 1993, the (techno) scene had changed. You could feel it in the air that techno was over. The spirit had vanished, and the scene prepared to transform techno into what it is today. So we remembered what we are: artists. With distaste for the system, whatever that was at the moment, regulating emotions, setting time-space barriers in evolution. The change from our Amiga- and Atari-systems to Mac had happened just in time, and we were read to dive into cyberspace once again, to "sit in our pixel-soup and play", as Howard Rheingold described that STR-period.


In 1994 we nearly spent 300 days in the studio producing Audio-visual art & being online - morphing towards mind children.
So we created the term "digital bohemian lifestyle" for that, a term that seemed to land for the masses as late as 2006. Consequently we made a list of where OUR TERM appears: www.stationrose.com/DigitalBohemia.html
(some links may be outdated now)


Elisa Rose performs live on tour & @home on Amiga Computer & Syqest removable cartridges, Gary Danner on Atari. At that time Macs were still too slow for performing live & don´t have options for multitasking as the Amiga had it.