"FAB 505 Vernetzte Zelle" (Networked Cell) at MAK/Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

"Virtual Reality as a New Border", immersive installation/performance, CD-ROM presentation, and LIVE online via The WELL, October 1993

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After we had performed Gunafa Clubbings a couple of dozen times in the underground, we were invited by Peter Noever to perform, as well as exhibit our first CD ROM at the MAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna in November 1993, curated by Daniela Zyman. This was Station Rose´s first live-performance in Vienna since we had left in 1991, and it was sold out for 3 nights.

stills of installation/presentation and performance

FAB 505 EP, released on Gunafa Label

Vinyl 33rpm. 4 intelligent/ambient techno trax