STATION ROSE German Tour 93, with DJ Dag

In 1993 Station Rose at the same time played regular performances in the underground setting of their "homebase club" XS in Frankfurt, had a solo exhibition in a gallery (Troester and Schlueter, Frankfurt), programmed and designed a CD ROM ("15 Years of Ars Electronica"), and toured Germany, performing in every major city´s most advanced club, with DJ Dag.

In the German Techno scene, Gunafa Clubbing was the only multimedia-online-clubbing.

What we tested was the following: is it possible to play DATA - audio & visuals - live from the harddrives, heard over a powerful PA & at the same time projected on huge screens, while beeing online? It was possible, to our own surprise- REALTIME was here, we surfed on it, with the crowd of ravers. When we realized later what we had done, we almost panicked, cause we saw what could have gone wrong technically. Luckily nothing bad ever happened. The energy of the people and ours made the whole experiment possible, and together we morphed it into realtime.

So when we got the invitation to do a Germany-tour, the next question was here immediately: is it possible to play DATA live on the road, having not more than a few hours to set up the computers, the screens, and so on.sometimes the next day meant the next gig in another city.
PLAYING DATA LIVE ON TOUR WAS POSSIBLE. This came out after one month on the road. The start up was the house DJ, we played live for 1 hour+, and without a break DJ Dag played his great set. There was no interruption in between; we were a great team!