STATION ROSE Jingle 1993

"STATION ROSE - that's Elisa Rose and Gary Danner - are organizing three performance evenings between October 19 and 23 on the topic of "Virtual Realities" - a series of events at the Museum of Applied Art (MAK). At the same time as this event, they will present their latest radio-specific work to ORF-KUNSTRADIO listeners, in which they will document their artistic development.

Elisa Rose and Gary Danner see themselves as propagandists of a new culture of consciousness that is completely influenced by the hypermedia age: aesthetic messages and art information are no longer created as originals that can subsequently be duplicated. Specially constructed information processing processors create reality. These virtual systems are produced through communication and access to optical-acoustic databases.

STATION ROSE has been working on new forms of multimedia communication since the late 1980s. Her artistic orientation towards media art of the 1960s is shaped by the ideas of the subcultures of the time, as well as the myths and rituals of contemporary pop culture.

For STATION ROSE, art is not so much the production but rather the research and circulation of multimedia information." Ö1 Kunstradio