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Established in 1993, Viennese artists´ Station Rose GUNAFA Label ranks among Germany´s most advanced Hypermedia Labels. Through the "native use" of communication media like the Internet, CD-ROM and CDextra, its makers create complex digital Gesamtkunstwerke in the course of multimedia jam-sessions.

Hypermedia is when digitized writing, nature sounds and music, computer graphic patterns, animations and live video sequences merge into an artistic form of expression via the Internet, CD-ROM or CDextra. Platforms are needed to publish works of art of this kind. And this is where the "Gunafa" label comes in.
For years, Station Rose have been working on the digital synthesis of sound and image on the basis of modern means of communication, and from the beginning they have all areas of artistic production in their hands. Everything that Station Rose produce - whether text, sound, music or images - emerges from working independently with the medium and can be digitally linked. A Station Rose product is not an expensive data archive that has been bred by service providers, follows aesthetic conventions and serves exclusively commercial purposes, but an abstract hypermedia unit.


Consequently, the "Gunafa" label is an audio label & more. The term "Gunafa" comes from the oriental language area and means "chaos". In Station Rose's oeuvre, he stands for a complex digital variety that replaces the conventional "beginning-middle-end" structure with a network of cross-connections and expands traditional publication formats. Everything from pure audio production to complex, abstract CD extras can appear on the "Gunafa" label.

"FAB 505", a beautiful vinyl maxi, will be the first release on "Gunafa".

At first glance, single releases and pure audio CDs may not necessarily be what one expects from advanced hypermedia artists like Station Rose. Nevertheless, this also fits seamlessly into the concept described: Everything can be published on the hypermedia label "Gunafa" - from individual audio tracks to complex interactive structures. Unlike many multimedia productions in the pop and entertainment industry, the publications on the "Gunafa" label are snapshots of artistic creation - as Station Rose "Art Reports", which are published whenever it makes sense to the artists in the required format.

fett tedget, 1995


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