STR-Artwork with AR sold at Christie´s


STATION ROSE artwork "destroyed5c9039"

Measurements: 120 x 180 cm

Edition: unique, digitally certified

In the video you can see & hear the augmented reality of this artwork.

More :

"The size of the C-Print on Alu-Dibond of 180 x 120 cm is the re-materialized counterpart to the immersive AV light rooms that we set up during performances. The gloss of the surface of the C-prints corresponds to projections and monitors. The picture “destroyed5c9039” by STATION ROSE was made during Lockdown 2 in November 2020 in our studio in Vienna. On the STR sofa, on which STReams also took place in March 2020, I regularly paint new pictures on the iPad with a pen, often left-handed. As a left-hander, I had to neglect this side in school, I rarely used it in tennis & ball games. The left hand is now used again on the iPad. This painted picture “destroyed5c9039” is animated by me in various apps, also destroyed, & spun on in the movement, in order to finally merge with the sound and real space in augmented reality & into another dimension to expand. Gary Danner’s music was created at the same time in the same place.“ Elisa Rose

This work is a digitally produced AR (augmented reality) work that can be brought to life using the ARTIVIVE app. In May 2021, STATION ROSE drew attention to itself with a large installation at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. In 2019, at the last FREUNDE HAUS DER KUNST benefit gala, the artist duo performed on the north facade of the Haus der Kunst. Credit: STATION ROSE; Courtesy: UNPAINTED.NET Benefit Auction by FREUNDE HAUS DER KUNST Amid Autumn Glow. In Partnership with Christie's . Online Only Auction - 12 - 29th October All works could be viewed in the auction exhibition at the Haus der Kunst.