Turbo Moment : Digital Quarter Century/DQC (2013)

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Digital Quarter Century/DQC

Station Rose, founded 25 years ago by visual artist Elisa Rose (AT) and composer Gary Danner (AT) as Vienna’s first address of the open digital leading edge, has in 2013 reached the Digital Quarter Century mark/DQC.

DQC is a current project designed to conserve cultural heritage as viewed from the perspective of artists, the pioneers of digital culture.

"Digital Quarter Century“ 2013 has been a special year. 

Station Rose/STR steered towards a 25-year “Digital Quarter Century “.
A quarter-century ago, Elisa Rose & Gary Danner opened the station in Vienna´s 4th district, Margaretenstr. 26, exactly on March 11th 1988. They switched on an entire district, which thus became an art center.

Even if it took galleries 10 years to move in, the fourth district is cited as an art district in tourist guides today.

After that, STR´s trip into Cyberspace, as well as the move to Frankfurt took place. Today STR are known as Pioneers of Digital Culture worldwide. 
Since 2011 STR is back in Vienna, and has moved to the Museumsquartier recently.
STR was awarded the Lifetime Award for their artistic work by the City of Linz in 2012.

Digital Quarter Century (1988-2013) STATION ROSE, founded 25 years ago by visual artist Elisa Rose (AT) and musician/composer Gary Danner (AT) as Vienna’s first address of the open digital leading edge, has reached in 2013 the Digital Quarter Century mark/DQC.


Kunsthalle Wien (A/V-performance)



Ars Electronica (installation & performance)


Museumsquartier Wien/Ovalhalle (installation & performance)