STR´S "DQC-Patterns & Pleats" at Ovalhalle, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

STR´S "DQC-Patterns & Pleats"

"Patterns & Pleats" is a brandnew audiovisual installation produced for "Digital Quarter Century_"Patterns & Pleats"" at Ovalhalle/MuseumsQuartier and STR´s Oval Office, consisting of projections, sound, fleece, contemporary art objects made from recycled wood, metal and printed fabric, as well as excerpts from Station Rose´s Digital Archive. Station Rose will perform live there several times.
The Deleuzian pleat meets private (?) ://public, Baroque, audiovisual live performances, rematerialisation, NatureIsCool, New Media Arte Povera, the Crisis and STR´s Digital Quarter Century.

#   Including contributions by Erwin Wurm, Liam Gillick, Geert Lovink, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Howard Rheingold, Dr. Richard Barbrook, Amina Handke, Dr. Thomas Hölzenbein, Peter Noever, Ekrem Yalcindag, Franck Ancel, Angelina Davydova, John Coate, Fischer von Erlach, Klaus Hagenauer, Dr. Motte, Elisa Rose, Gary Danner & others.

# DQC is a current STR-project designed to conserve cultural heritage as viewed from the perspective of artists, the pioneers of digital culture.
 Ovalhalle/MuseumsQuartier Wien Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
# Opening: day 1: 25.11., 6 - 11 p.m.  day 2: 26.11., 4 - 11 p.m.
# A/V-Performances:   25.11., 8 p.m.     26.11., 8 p.m.
# artist talk: 26.11., 6 p.m.

= Digital Quarter Century_"Patterns & Pleats" Museumsquartier Vienna 25 & 26.11.2013
# a 2 days/nite installation by STR, a new exhibit including performances.
# with contributions by collegues.
# A/V performances.
# The Digital Archive gets active.
# brandnew compositions will be performed.

# Supported by BMUKK.
# Thanks to: Dr.Christian Strasser/MQ,  Fertigrasen Zehetbauer, dkd Internet Service GmbH,
Daemwool, Rudi Pumberger, Gerald Neulinger, Franki Ablinger, Mel Greenwald
and all who contributed.