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Animations, sounds and text are played live on the Internet during audio-visual sessions. These real-time compositions are the artistic output of STR as a multimedia group, started in 1988 as an open multimedia laboratory, tested live at Gunafa Clubbing since 1992, refined and radicalized now with webcasting.
Multimedia compositions triggered via MIDI are sent directly from the (mobile) STR studio during the creation process. In a multimedia jam session, acoustic and optical information (samples from the STR's digital archive, which has been constantly expanding since 1988) is interwoven into compositions using a live sequencer and sampler.
The isolation of the studio, which is necessary for the artistic creation, is morphed into a webcast situation that opens up virtual rooms, provides insights into sound and animation rooms, in discussion groups and into the studio itself via connected cameras.
Since the webcastings on www.stationrose.com are broadcast live from the studio to the Internet, they are ephemeral, like any live performance.
The mastery of techniques for the production of multimedia in the form of CD ROM, audio CD, webpage or live performance is a basic requirement.