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Guest Lecture at Kunstuniversität Linz

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lecture : "Everything Is So Analog Out There"

We were invited by Prof. Christa Sommerer and Prof. Laurent Mignonneau to talk about our art (practices), focussing on these topics:

how important is performance in our art?
:the internet for our art? where do we stand with netart today?
:it for media-artists to re-materialize?
:it to produce
finished products with a barcode & original works of art as a media artist?
a mass approach (massmedium TV with 40.000 viewers per week)
hi & low?
to switch between social scenes?
the fluidity of STReaming?
to compose sound & visuals together at the same time://place?
the lenght of time
we give us until a composition must be finished?

the nonfigurative versus the body
virtual light ?
the ability to play a musical instrument professionally for creating music on the computer ?
installation with a duration versus the short timespan of a performance.