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On Demand (2006)

end of "Best of Webcasting" series at hr/ARD Digital  //  Staedelschule Frankfurt guestlecture  //  M12 Berlin  //  Paraflows Vienna  //  MySpace //  online releases: :// on Demand, Playing Now, Live@Home  //  :// on Demand bookrelease


Due to peculiar new aesthetic and cultural politics at hr-fernsehen, Station Rose’s TV series was
cancelled (the person in charge still owes STR an intellectually convincing explanation). It can be
said that this series had been one of the rare regular art TV programs, antedating a style made popular
by Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, etc., by merging performance, moderation, documentation, and interviews into a contemporary format. This gave them a lot more time to concentrate on other activities and projects like lecturing, performing, and producing their new book ://on Demand. STR started releasing music online on their Gunafa label, available on iTunes since then, and started planning the project "20 Digital Years".