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STATION ROSE live@home 4 vinyl


"So Far" drives forward with a straight beat, which is interrupted three times by the breathy female vocals of Elisa Rose. But the beat turns out to be subtly arranged on closer listening, because here the sustained bass drum & hihat as well as the modulated analog synth are rhythmically supported by a bizarre sample: the cut reverberation space of a snare was screwed up beyond recognition with time stretch and pitch shift, until as a sample he was able to intensify the drive of "So Far". Danceable!

"WYSIWYG" (= what you see is what you get) digs like a snowplow through a wall of clicks, syncopated delay cascades and looped synth loops. To increase the tension, cymbals set in in the middle of the piece, and with a pulsating bassline the composition hits the home straight. The mood of this track is not dissimilar to "Dave", Station Rose's techno classic from 1992. We're clearing the way!

"Nature Is Cool" revolves around a synth theme that was sampled by Gary Danner from an original composition from the 80s. The rather gloomy mood of the chopped up drum loop and the random-triggered, subharmonic bass is condensed into a booming sound cluster, with which "live @home 4" ends.