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In 1988/89 Elisa Rose and Gary Danner obtained a post-graduate grant, so STATION ROSE went on field duty and established a multimedia-investigation-camp in the middle of Cairo; the results of the investigations in this city of 20 million inhabitants were exceptional.

The metropolis in the Third World based on 5000-year old pharaonic culture can be seen as a model of a future form of living, a different reality which is only known from SF-films. Cairo is a large city combining both urban and rural characteristics, where music and dance play an important role within the network of hightech and peasantry. It s an extremely vivid and communicative life, festivals and ceremonies are permanently celebrated in the streets of Cairo, which at the beginning was quite difficult to understand from a European point of view. "During our stay of 8 months we were living as true citizens in Cairo/ Agouza, actively participating in the cultural life of the city. Many of our Egyptian friends were musicians, dancers and actors. We had the opportunity to see all different kinds of TV-productions, shows and life-performances on location, and were also present at some recordings in various studios."