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Just a Click away (2001)

transfer.net" Styrian Autumn Graz - "Smoother than STRange" clip at VIVA - Borderhack 2.0- Bauhaus University Weimar - 10 years online - Webcasts live@home No. 129- 152 - Bayrischer Rundfunk t.u.b.e - V-Stream21 Linz - Spring Tour 2001 - Clicks & Cuts 2 - International DeeJay Gigolos/Dave remixed -  EMAF - "Webcast Lounge" at Art Frankfurt -Inkwell.vue


Short before 9/11, the music scene and -industry was at the peak of its power. The techno-subgenre "clicks and cuts" was its most promising branch at that time, and Station Rose contributed to the Mille Plateaux-sampler "Clicks and Cuts 2" with the composition "Smoother Than Strange". As the music industry (over- as well as underground) had ignored hypermedia, and especially the Web for so long, its comedown was imminent at that point.