A)Vienna start up sequence (1988)

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A_ STR-Headquarter


The "headquarter" in 1988 was equipped with telephone, Amiga 500 with 9 needle printer, a 2400-baud modem, Fostex 4-track multitracker, Prophet 2000 sampling keyboard, VHS recorder and camera. We attract attention in grey Vienna of 1988. Since the station was situated on one of the important main roads, we had thousands of visitors per day/night, voluntary & involuntary. The displays make us unbeatable, catapult us into the public.

cooperation 1989-1991: Karin Helml and Christa Kempf.

amiga500 plus modem

amiga 500, amiga monitor, 9-needle printer, 2800-baud modem

at the headquater300

Fostex X-15 4-track cassette recorder, amiga 500, walkman, 9-needle printer, amiga monitor

er at work headquater

E.R. at work, 1988

er gd demo grraum


er gd demo in naturw mus


er gd demo raum-amiga72


er gd in front of shop

foto: Marcel Houf

er in windows gd

foto: Marcel Houf

er in windows

foto: Marcel Houf

gary 1st floorfrontal


G.D. spielt ein besaenftigendes spiritual


c+p Elisa Rose 1988

obere etage1

secret room

office er max

E.R. and Max Schleimecker

office gd mit mo umb

l-r: Ute Meta Bauer, G.D., Mo Reichelt

rockenschaub at office

Gerwald Rockenschaub

str chillout room bw


vor der station saz

foto: Marcel Houf