H)ere we are - Webcasting (1999)

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H_ Galerienrundgang / Rotari

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Galerienrundgang in Offenbach.

You have to know, that Offenbch is sort of Frankfurt´s Brooklyn - with cheaper rents, etc. At that time quite some art spaces popped up there. Rotari was a bar/club/artspace - the place to be in Offenbach´s center square - run by our friend Hans Romanov - embedded in a sci-fi tokiostyle 70-ies architecture. (which was teared down in 2004 due to capitalist crazyness.)

So in that year 1999 the artscene felt strong enough to make an art-weekend, sort of a 3 days non-stop happening. We made an exhibition there as well as a live STReam.


a Station Rose exhibition, performance & and the installation of the whole webcasting setup for 2 days

Gary Danner & Elisa Rose in action & diverse views on that secial place