Album release "Digital Archive, Vol. 2"

"STATION ROSE Digital Archive, Vol. 2" is an album released online by composer Gary Danner & artist Elisa Rose in 2022. It is a collection of electronic music composed by Gary Danner throughout the last 27 years. The album´s  15 tracks from 1995-2021 give an overview of the diverse styles of STR, ranging from Techno, Minimal, Experimental, musique concrète to Psychedelic and Pop.
Most of the compositions were created entirely electronically, while some pieces ("Final Rise", "Shopping Queen Down", "SCSI", "Der Tote aus dem Mersey" e. a.) include analog sound sources such as bass and electric guitar played by Gary Danner, and vocals by Elisa Rose.
Besides its uniqueness, STR´s sound is intriguing, fresh and experimental -
hitting the Zeitgeist now more than ever.
Mastered by Patrick Pulsinger.