Stepper EP

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„Stepper EP"
gunafa 12
rel. date: 02.20.2007           

listen to music samples here:

The EP starts with the track „Very 1st": a pulsating rhythmic synth starts with evolving textures and complex reverb patterns, and gets intensified by minimalistic syncopated bassdrum and rimshot loops. After the track´s mesmerizing guitar-, drum- and feedbackloops the 2nd track, „Stepper", awaits you with its broken beats, deep bassline and distorted fills. The third track, „Moogie", offers sweet vocals (by Elisa Rose) and  acoustic guitar, making you want to sing along. A sweet folky tune admidst the clicks and cuts (something between Incredible String Band and early Nico). The interested listener will find, nevertheless, some serious click-programming hidden beneath the soothing chords! The EP closes with „Pheromonische", a study in subbass, beats and noises shredded techno-style, plus realtime circuit bending with different cable hums, where a simple guitar cable has been treated to emit very hi- and lo-freq noise. (STR)